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Teacher Feature: Call for Submissions!

Over the course of the next six months, I hope we can gather in this space to inspire one another. Earlier this week I mentioned a few ways that I use CorePlanner. I love its ease for collaborating with colleagues and for and tracking standards taught. I’d love to learn about the things you are doing in your classroom.

• Which unit is your favorite?

• Are there a few lessons you look forward to teaching each year?

• How about a misconception buster, that always leaves students with a clearer understanding of the topic at hand?

• Have you figured out a creative way to seamlessly integrate Common Core State Standards into your existing lesson plans?

• How has CorePlanner changed how you plan your lessons?

I’ll be posting Teacher Features a few times each month. I want you to be one of the educators I showcase. Will you inspire others with your plans?
-¬‐ Annie Krut, M.Ed.

Annie is on a mission to teach kids the skills they need to be happy. She’s using neuroscience, the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. Get the curriculum at and join the conversation on Twitter: @eighthugs